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Broadheads are the arrow points used for hunting. They are designed to fly accurately, penetrate deeply and cut vital organs to facilitate a quick and humane kill.

There are three types of broadheads:

  1. Fixed blade design: These have two or more blades that need to be manually sharpened.
Fixed broadhead arrow
  1. Replaceable blade design: These have blades that are pre-sharpened in the factory to a shaving sharp edge and can be replaced after the shot.
Broadhead points
  1. Mechanical broadheads: These blades are folded into the head and produce less drag during flight. Upon impact, the blades rapidly expand, cutting a much larger area than fixed blade broadheads, producing a greater wound channel.
Two mechanical broadhead blades, one retracted and one expanded

Two-bladed broadheads provide the best penetration and are suitable for hunting all animals. As the number of blades increases, there is a corresponding decrease in penetration due to the drag of the extra blades, although this can be offset with an increase in the size of the wound channel and ability to sever tissue. Generally, bows of lighter weight should use two-bladed broadheads, and those hunters using heavy-weight bows can choose to use broadheads with more than two blades.

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