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Today's Hunter in Wyoming Student Manual

The official student manual for Wyoming's hunter education courses.

Developed and approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, this digital version of the classroom manual will help you to become a better, safer, and more responsible hunter.

Download the Today's Hunter in Wyoming Student Manual.

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Why does Hunter Ed ask for my address and email to download the free PDF?

Hunter Ed does not share, sell, or trade email or billing addresses. We ask for your contact information in case you experience problems with the download. We want to make sure our customer support specialists can contact you and help as needed.

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About Today’s Hunter in Wyoming

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Wyoming Specific

This official Wyoming student manual will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a safe and responsible hunter.

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The manual is designed to meet the standards for hunter training established by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA).

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Today’s Hunter in Wyoming is approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the state agency responsible for the administration of New Mexico's hunter education programs.

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"Hunting has always been a part of human life. For most of their history, humans depended on hunting for their survival. No other form of human activity has a longer tradition. For this tradition to continue will require safe, responsible, knowledgeable hunters who are dedicated to keeping sufficient habitats for wild animal populations."

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