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To use the chart to the right, find the estimated or actual wind speed in the top row and the actual air temperature in degrees F on the far right. The equivalent temperature is found where these two intersect. For example, with a wind speed of 30 mph and a temperature of 10°F, the equivalent temperature is -12°F. This lies within the zone of increasing danger of frostbite, and protective measures should be taken. It is emphasized that the wind-chill chart is of value in predicting frostbite only to exposed flesh. Outdoorsmen can easily be caught out in 30°F weather. Winds of 30 mph will produce an equivalent wind chill temperature of 15° F.

Wind chill is given in the body of the table. The National Weather Service issues a Wind Chill Advisory when the wind chills are expected to reach -10° F. A wind Chill Warning will be issued when wind chills are expected to be -20° F or lower.