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The four most common types of chokes are listed below.

Full Choke

This choke is very tight and keeps the pellets close together. Used for longer distance shots, from 35-45 yards.

Full choke
Modified Cylinder Choke

This choke is tight, but not as tight as the Full choke. Used for medium-range hunting, from 25-35 yards.

Modified cylinder choke<
Improved Cylinder Choke

This choke is not very tight at all. Used for close-range hunting, from 20-30 yards.

Improved cylinder choke
Cylinder Choke

This is no choke at all. Used for very close-range hunting, from 15-25 yards. Also used for shotgun slugs.

Cylinder choke

Make sure that the choke on your shotgun is suitable for the game animals, waterfowl, or upland bird species that you are hunting. Also, be sure that your barrel and choke are suitable for using non-toxic shot if you are hunting where non-toxic shot is required. Check with the manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith if you have questions.