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Treatment is necessary when people suffer from hypothermia. Remember that the ground will draw heat from the victim’s body. Always insulate the victim from the ground and from wet places. The treatments below will help raise the core body temperature slowly and evenly. Never give alcohol to a person suffering from hypothermia!

Mild Hypothermia

  • Cover the victim’s head.
  • Remove wet clothes; provide dry clothes.
  • Provide warm liquids (if victim is conscious).
  • Provide rest near a heat source.

Severe Hypothermia

  • Send for qualified medical aid.
  • Provide warm liquids (if victim is conscious).
  • Handle gently! The victim is very sensitive during this stage.
  • Cover the victim’s head.
  • Cover the victim with good insulation.
  • Place warm objects near the victim’s chest, neck, and head. Use your own body (skin-to-skin, if necessary) to help warm the victim.
  • Continue to provide warmth until an EMT, doctor, or other qualified medical aid arrives. Don’t give up even if the victim appears to be dead!
  • Watch for signs of shock.