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Hunter shooting game using the swing-through technique

Unlike rifles, shotguns are pointed, not aimed, because they are generally used for shooting at moving targets. Shotguns generally have a small round bead on top of the barrel near the muzzle. Your eye is like the rear sight, and the bead is the front sight. That’s all you need when using a shotgun to hunt waterfowl, upland birds, or rabbits. There are three basic rules for shooting at moving targets with shotguns.

  • Keep your cheek on the stock.
  • Keep both eyes open and focused on the target.
  • Keep swinging the muzzle through the target, pull the trigger and “follow through” (keep moving the muzzle with the target).

The only time to use rifle sights on a shotgun is when it is used to hunt big game or turkeys.

Don’t be discouraged if you miss! Remember the three basic rules for shooting moving targets; and remember to practice, practice, practice!