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Muzzleloading projectiles

All basic firearm safety rules apply when you are shooting and hunting with muzzleloading firearms. As mentioned previously, it is against the law to carry a loaded shotgun or rifle in your vehicle. A loaded muzzleloading rifle is one which contains powder, a ball, or a bullet, and is capped (percussion lock) or primed (flintlock).


Sparks or hot embers may remain in the barrel after the muzzleloader is fired. The remaining sparks or hot embers could ignite your next powder charge! Wipe the bore with a patch before loading a powder charge. Pour powder into the barrel using a powder measure. Never pour powder into a barrel using a powder can, flask, or horn!


The gun may not fire when you pull the trigger. However, the gun still might go off! Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction for at least 30 seconds if this happens to you! If the gun does not fire, put another cap on (or load more powder in the priming pan) and fire again. Make sure the nipple is clean on percussion locks.