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Another type of firearm is the semi-automatic, self-loading, or auto-loading rifle. Many people mistakenly call these guns “automatic firearms.”

Semi-automatic (or autoloading) firearms

A semi-automatic firearm fires, ejects the empty case, and loads fresh cartridges from the magazine each time the trigger is squeezed. The trigger must be squeezed for every shot. The action usually remains open after the last round of ammunition is fired and there are no more cartridges in the magazine.

Open the semi-automatic action by pulling back the operating handle. Usually the action will remain open on newer guns if the operating handle is pulled all the way back. A release button closes the action.

Semi-automatic firearms usually have tubular or box magazines.

Automatic firearms continue to fire as long as the trigger is depressed and there is ammunition in the magazine. Automatic firearms are illegal to possess in Washington.