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The “zone-of-fire” is the area in which you can shoot safely.

  • How do you know your zone-of-fire if you are hunting alone?
  • How do you know your zone-of-fire if you are hunting with friends?

If you are hunting alone, you can shoot in any direction if you can clearly identify your target and what lies beyond it. However, you need to be very careful that other hunters are not sharing your hunting area.

Zone of fire example with three hunters

When you are hunting with friends, you need to talk with your hunting partners and set up your zone-of-fire before you begin hunting. Don’t assume anything! Identify your zone-of-fire to them and have them identify their zones-of-fire to you. Make sure you understand who will be shooting if a bird flushes between you.

Two hunters aiming for the same animal

Never turn around rapidly and fire at a game bird that has gotten behind you. Let it go and try to find it on your return trip. Nobody has eyes in the back of their head, and we have had incidents caused by hunters turning around too quickly and firing upon fellow hunters!

You must know your zone-of-fire for all kinds of hunting. It doesn’t matter if you hunt big game, upland birds, or waterfowl. Every hunting situation requires hunters to know their zone-of-fire!