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Know the game species you are hunting. Be sure you can correctly recognize the differences between species. The wildlife identification section in this course can help you.

Hunters tracking game in the snow

The goal of all hunters should be a clean, one-shot kill. Be familiar with your gun or bow, and know your effective range. Don’t shoot beyond your effective range! Nobody is born with shooting ability; practice, practice, practice until you are capable of hitting your target precisely with every shot! Take only shots you know you can make!

Be sure you follow up each shot. Look closely to see if you wounded the animal. If so, don’t give up until you have retrieved the wounded game. Make sure you can properly field dress the game animal you are hunting. Don’t allow an animal to spoil because you didn’t know how to field dress it or skin it! Don’t display game animals, heads, or other body parts of dead animals on your vehicle.