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Firearm safety is a habit that requires much regular practice to develop. It is no different than playing Nintendo, baseball, or golf: If you want to be good, you must practice regularly! If you hunt with good, safe hunters, you will learn to become a safe hunter yourself. But what about going hunting with hunters who “know” all about firearm safety but don’t bother to follow the rules of safety while they are hunting? Will such hunters help you become a safe hunter?

The Shooters in Hunting Incidents chart below shows that most incident victims are shot by somebody they know!

Shooters in Hunting Incidents
10-Year Summary

Shooters in Hunting Incidents Pie Chart

Each year about half of all hunting incident victims are shot by friends or family members! Another 35% of victims shoot themselves! What does this mean to you, the beginning hunter? First of all, you must be a safe hunter yourself. If you act like a “good guy” and ignore the unsafe hunting practices of your friends, you are actually increasing your chances of becoming the victim of an incident yourself!