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All muzzleloading firearms are loaded from the muzzle. All muzzleloading firearms legal for hunting use one of two types of powder: black powder or an approved black powder substitute. No other powder is suitable for muzzleloading firearms! Do not use smokeless powder in muzzleloading firearms. Using modern smokeless powders in a muzzleloading firearm can damage the firearm and might injure shooters and bystanders. Make sure that you only use black powder or an approved black powder substitute whenever you are shooting muzzleloading firearms.

Never use smokeless powder in a Damascus-barreled shotgun or any other muzzleloader
Muzzleloader black powders

Store black powder and black powder substitutes in the original container and away from sparks, heat, and static electricity. Black powder is an explosive, and it ignites very easily. Heat, sparks, or impact can cause an explosion. Be careful that nobody is smoking around you when you are using black powder.

There are different types of black powder and black powder substitutes. Make sure you select the right type of black powder or black powder substitute for your gun. The wrong type of powder could damage the firearm and injure shooters! A gunsmith or sporting goods dealer can help you select the right black powder or black powder substitute for your firearm. Most muzzleloading rifles use FFg (2F) black powder, RS Pyrodex ®, or pellets. Check with the manufacturer of your muzzleloader if you have questions.