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It is illegal to trespass on another person’s property. You may hunt on private property during legal hunting seasons only if you have permission from the landowner to hunt on his or her land.

  • You must have written permission to hunt on posted property. A permission card that you may use is available on the VDGIF website.
  • You must have oral permission to hunt on property that is not posted.
  • You must have the landowner’s permission to track or retrieve wounded game on private property.
  • If you are retrieving a hunting dog from another person’s property and you do not have permission to hunt:
    • You must walk because vehicles are prohibited. 
    • You must not take your firearm onto the property because firearms are prohibited.

Landowners who allow hunting on their property are protected from liability by Virginia Code Section 29.1-509.

Landowners may post their property with:

  • Signs that specifically prohibit hunting, fishing, or trespassing or…
  • Vertical paint marks that are “aluminum” or purple in color.
No trespassing sign