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This study guide is for Green Mountain Conservation Camp students or anyone who wants to review their hunter education. If you need a Hunter Education Certificate, you must pass the online course and the Homestudy Class.

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Ethical hunters know their personal accuracy and limit their shots accordingly.

Know your firearm accuracy limits
  • An 8-inch paper plate is the standard target for establishing deer hunting accuracy. An 8-inch target is about the same size as the vital area of a deer. You need to be able to hit the paper plate consistently at the same distance and from the same shooting position you will be using when hunting. The fact that you can hit an 8-inch target at 100 yards from a bench rest does not mean you will be able to do the same from a standing or kneeling position.
  • Before hunting, practice until you are confident you can hit the required target at the distances and from the shooting positions you expect to use in the field. When hunting, limit your shots to your most accurate range.