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This study guide is for Green Mountain Conservation Camp students or anyone who wants to review their hunter education. If you need a Hunter Education Certificate, you must pass the online course and the Homestudy Class.

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  1. Wear plastic or latex gloves. If the animal is a male and your state allows it, remove the sex organs with a sharp knife. Otherwise, leave the sex organs attached to the carcass.
    Field dressing large game
  2. Between the hind legs, make a short cut down to the pelvic bone. (See figure 1.)
    Field dressing large game
  3. Slit the skin up to the breastbone. Peel back the skin and fur. (See figure 2.)
  4. With the knife blade up, start at the pelvic cut and cut through the muscle layer. As you go, pull the muscle layer up and away from the stomach and intestines to make sure they aren't punctured.
  5. Cut around the anus, and tie it off.
    Field dressing large game
  6. Cut the windpipe and esophagus at the upper neck. Grab the windpipe with both hands, and pull down hard. The entrails will pull free down to the midsection. (See figure 3.)
  7. Slice through the diaphragm on each side of the animal to free the intestines.
  8. With both hands, grab the entrails and pull down hard. All of the entrails should come out.
    Field dressing large game
  9. Cut through the seam in the pelvis where the bones grow together. (See figure 4.)
  10. Finish cleaning out the deer, and prop the carcass open to promote cooling.
  11. To drain any remaining blood out of the body cavity, hang the animal up for about 20 minutes or rest it on a slant.
  12. While the animal is draining, remove the skin.