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This study guide is for Green Mountain Conservation Camp students or anyone who wants to review their hunter education. If you need a Hunter Education Certificate, you must pass the online course and the Homestudy Class.

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You should use a fall-arrest system (FAS) that is manufactured to industry standards. Never use single-strap belts and chest harnesses—they can be deadly. Before hunting, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of your FAS and follow all safety guidelines.

Most tree stand falls occur when a hunter is climbing up or down a tree. Always use a properly fitting FAS that includes a full-body harness at all times when your feet are off the ground. Make sure your FAS includes these components:

  • Full-body harness—the vest harness is a very effective style of full-body harness
  • Lineman’s-style belt and/or climbing belt—used when climbing up and down the tree
  • Tree strap—goes around the tree
  • Tether—attaches the harness to the tree strap
  • Suspension relief strap—provides a loop to stand in if you fall