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Furbearers are a public resource. Through laws and regulations, the public permits the harvest of some furbearers. But, harvesting is a privilege given to trappers. It is not an individual right.

  • Thousands of people trap each year. However, this number is only a small fraction of the country's total citizens. In most states, non-trapping citizens can remove the privilege to trap if the public believes trapping is inhumane or a threat to the furbearer wildlife resource.
  • Some states have made trapping a group right. This helps protect trapping for future generations. Even in these states, trapping is a privilege for each individual. This privilege can be taken away if you violate the law.
  • Because trapping is an individual privilege that can be removed, trappers must follow the law. To be accepted by the general public and other trappers, you also must follow a code of behavior called ethics.

By following a code of ethics, you will help protect the privilege to trap by trapping responsibly. To be a responsible trapper, you should show respect toward five key groups:

  • The furbearer and other wildlife
  • Landowners
  • The public
  • Hunters and other outdoor users
  • Other trappers