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Many expert trappers consider lures, urine, and bait to be important equipment.

Lures, urine, and bait
  • The odor of these items attracts the passing furbearer. The animal approaches to investigate.
  • If the set has been made properly, the furbearer will be captured. (No matter how good the attractant, you will not catch the furbearer if the set is not made properly!)
  • Lure is considered especially important in trapping the wary mink, beaver, or fox.
  • Beginning trappers often search for a miracle lure that will attract animals from miles away. There are no such lures. The best long-distance lure might attract a fox from 50 yards away—if the lure is placed right and the weather and wind conditions are optimal.
  • Even when using a good lure, you still have to place your set in the target animal's usual area of travel.