Made in the USA Online Hunter Safety Course

Take an American‐made and state‐approved online hunter education course and complete your state’s classroom requirement in a few hours.

Recognized by IHEA-USA and your state Developed specifically for your state’s hunting agency

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All safety courses are proudly made in Dallas, Texas, USA. If a hunting course doesn’t say “Made in the USA,” it probably isn’t.

Meeting Your State’s Hunting Education Requirement Is Easy

  1. Choose Your State

    Choose your state and register for free. Hunter Ed works with IHEA-USA, more than 35 state agencies responsible for hunter education, and various industry partners to develop approved and recognized online hunter safety courses.

  2. Take the Online Course

    Complete the online course on your smartphone, tablet, or destop computer. It works on any device! And we’ve made the official state curriculum fun and easy. Learn at your own pace with engaging and interactive animations and videos. Learning hunting safety has never been so simple!

  3. Get Out and Hunt!

    In many states, after you pass the online course you’ll just print out your certificate and purchase your hunting license. For some states, you'll print out your temporary certificate and complete an in-person field day. Then the state will get your permanent certificate on its way to you, so you can legally purchase a hunting license.

    Ready? Find Your State’s Course

Official Hunter Safety Education Course

Developed Specifically for Hunters in Your State

Featuring the Best Hunting Safety Videos Available

Because some concepts are easier to understand by watching, our state hunting courses feature a lot of live-action video. Produced by hunter education experts and found only at, these hunter safety videos are fun to watch, and they’ll make you a better, safer hunter.

Check out the 1-minute preview and see for yourself.

Interactive Learning Exercises and Games

Your hunter safety education is reinforced by getting hands-on. Watch, click, drag, drop, shoot, and more as you progress through the online hunter safety course.

Do you know when to "Shoot or Don’t Shoot"? Play Hunter Ed’s Interactive Learning Game and find out!

Comprehensive Hunter Education Content

This course includes easy-to-understand hunting safety instructions and hundreds of detailed illustrations to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and responsible hunter. Hunter Ed is the only hunting safety course provider that develops print materials on behalf of state government hunting and wildlife agencies.

How the Typical State Hunting Course Works

Learning: Hunting Safety

To help you become a better informed and safer hunter, each course is broken down into 9 easy-to-understand units that you can complete at your own pace:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Hunter Education
  • Unit 2 – Know Your Firearm Equipment
  • Unit 3 – Basic Shooting Skills
  • Unit 4 – Basic Hunting Skills
  • Unit 5 – Primitive Hunting Equipment and Techniques
  • Unit 6 – Be a Safe Hunter
  • Unit 7 – Be a Responsible and Ethical Hunter
  • Unit 8 – Preparation and Survival Skills
  • Unit 9 – Understanding Wildlife

Assessment: Unit Quizzes

As you go through the course, you’ll take a quiz at the end of each unit to determine how well you’re understanding the hunter safety topics.

Each unit quiz requires a passing score determined by your state before you’re allowed on to the next unit.

If you don’t pass a unit quiz, don’t worry. You’ll just go back and study the unit and then try the quiz again.

Mastery: Course Completion

When you complete all units, you’ll then move on to the final steps in the certification process as mandated by your state. In most cases this is in the form of a final exam covering all the course material.

You’ll have the choice to proceed directly to the online Final Exam, or you may first take a practice exam. Both the practice exam and the Final Exam cover all the course material and will assess your knowledge of hunting safely in your state.

It’s easy to get started! Choose your state and study for free.

Authorized & Approved!

Take this online hunter education course that’s approved by the your state and recognized by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA) as an accepted hunter safety education course.

It’s the Law!

Make your hunting experience safe and pleasant. Cooperate with your state’s law enforcement officers by following the hunting laws and guidelines in your state’s online hunting course.

It’s Fast & Easy!

Take this hunter course and complete your classroom requirement for your hunter education certificate in a few hours at your own pace on a desktop computer or on any mobile smartphone or tablet.

It’s Made in the USA!

Not all hunting safety education courses are made in the USA like this hunt education safety course is. The foreign–made courses do not store your student data in the USA either.