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There are four basic methods for unloading a muzzleloader when you are finished hunting for the day.

  • Discharging
    • Point the muzzleloader at a suitable backstop.
    • Ensure that no one is in front of your position.
    • Discharge into the backstop.
  • CO2 Discharger (Safest Method)
    • Follow the manufacturer’s directions.
    • Place the discharger on the nipple or in the flash hole.
    • Point the muzzle in a safe direction.
    • Discharge the bullet and powder.
  • Modern In-Line Muzzleloader
    • Remove the breech plug.
    • Push the projectile and powder out the rear of the barrel.
  • Un-Priming (Most dangerous and to be used only if absolutely necessary)
    • Remove the cap from the nipple or the powder from the pan.
    • Cover the flash hole.
    • Use a bullet puller to remove the bullet and pour out the powder.

    When a muzzleloader is unloaded, place your ramrod or loading rod in the barrel before leaning the firearm against a good rest—this will prevent debris from falling down the barrel and blocking the touch hole.

CO2 Discharger