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Although Pennsylvania does not have the types of remote terrain found in the western United States or Canada, hunters and trappers should be prepared to spend the night in the field. There have been occasions, either due to weather conditions or becoming lost, when hunters and trappers have had to survive the night in the forests of the state. Several items should be taken when hunting or trapping in the more remote areas of Pennsylvania.

survival first aid kit
  • Shelter Material: Can be as simple as a large trash bag.
  • Fire Building Materials: Tinderbox, waterproof matches, fuel (quick start).
  • First-Aid Kit: Include any medications needed.
  • Flashlights: Always have a backup.
  • Compass and Map, or GPS
  • Water and Food: Include purification tablets.
  • Sharp Knives
  • sound devices
  • Signaling Devices: Should you find yourself in a situation where you are lost or unable to move, you will need to signal for help. Your options include three of any signal.
    • Whistle
    • Small Air Horn
    • Signal Mirrors (a sequence of three flashes)
    • Fires (a grouping of three)
      • Care must be taken to control the fires.
      • Create a thick smoke column during the day by using wet leaves.
      • Build large fires to create visible flames at night.
    • Firearm
      • Not recommended.
      • If it is your only option, remember the five primary rules of firearm safety.
    • Cell phone or hand-held radios
      • Cell phones may not work in some areas.
      • Hand-held radios might be affected by the terrain and distance.
    • Voice
      • Will not last long.