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Hunter education course review and summary

Every hunter should take a first-aid course and a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to be prepared to handle outdoor emergencies. A prepared hunter also will carry a complete first-aid kit.

Hunter education course review and summary

Hypothermia occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it. Hypothermia is often caused by cold, wet conditions.

  • To help prevent hypothermia, dress properly, avoid potentially dangerous weather conditions, and dry out as quickly as possible when you get wet.
  • To treat the victim, find shelter, remove wet clothing, give warm liquids, and rewarm the person. Also contact emergency medical personnel to evacuate the victim to a hospital for treatment.

Hunter education course review and summary

Frostbite occurs when tissue freezes.

  • To prevent frostbite, avoid severe weather.
  • To treat frostbite, warm the area with body heat and warm, dry clothing; move to a warm shelter, drink hot liquids, and get medical attention.

Hunter education course review and summary

Heat exhaustion occurs when the core body temperature increases.

  • To prevent heat exhaustion, drink plenty of water, take breaks while hiking, and remove layers of clothing as you get hotter.
  • To treat heat exhaustion, move to a cooler place, drink water, and fan yourself.
Heat stroke can be fatal. To treat the victim, wrap in a sheet and soak with cool water, fan, and get to a hospital immediately.