100% Nevada State–Approved Hunting Certificate Online Course

Approved by Nevada Department of Wildlife and meets the standards of the International Hunter Education Association

Approved by the State of Nevada and IHEA

Nevada State–Approved

The Hunter Ed Nevada Course is approved by Nevada Department of Wildlife, the state agency responsible for the administration of the Nevada Hunter Education Certificate.

To be approved by Nevada Department of Wildlife, a course must teach hunters to become:

  • Safe (by following all firearm and hunting safety rules)
  • Responsible (about hunting, wildlife, conservation, and hunting laws)
  • Knowledgeable (by knowing and demonstrating acceptable behavior and attitudes while hunting)
  • Involved (in joining and participating in hunting and conservation organizations)

For additional information on hunter education in Nevada, contact:

Nevada Department of Wildlife
1100 Valley Rd.
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 688-1500

Meets IHEA-USA Standards

This Nevada hunter-ed.com online hunting education course was developed in accordance with the standards set forth by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA) and meets the requirements of the Nevada Department of Wildlife hunter safety mandate.

About the Standards

In 1999, IHEA-USA adopted a set of performance guidelines for basic hunter education courses. These standards have been used internationally by hunter education administrators to evaluate minimum core content in hunter education courses. Industry partners including Nevada Department of Wildlife and hunter-ed.com have used the revised standards to develop new student manuals and alternative delivery methods for hunter education (IHEA-USA Standards website).

Our Commitment to Hunter Education

Hunter Ed is committed to making sure Nevada hunter education students learn the skills and information needed to have a safe, successful, and fun hunt. We strive to ensure this Nevada online hunter safety course helps you become a more knowledgeable and ethical hunter. Educated hunters play an important role in making Nevada a leader in conservation and wildlife management.

We accomplish that goal by working with Nevada Department of Wildlife and IHEA-USA to produce a course that's accurate, interesting, and easy to understand.

As a new hunter, you can be proud of your contributions to wildlife conservation and your role as a steward of our natural resources.