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There are several types of fletching.

Offset Fletching

  • This type of fletching may be used for both hunting or archery target shooting.
  • Three fletches are glued symmetrically onto the shaft 120 degrees apart.
  • Some archers prefer four fletches per arrow attached 90 degrees apart.
  • The ends of the fletches are offset by a 1.5- to 2.5-degree angle.
Offset fletching

Helical Fletching

  • This is another popular type of fletching for both hunting or archery target shooting.
  • Fletches are glued onto the shaft in a slight spiral (3-degree) fashion to provide more spin and greater in-flight stability.
  • Fletches also may be glued on at a slight diagonal to the long axis of the arrow shaft.
Helical fletching

Flu-Flu Fletching

  • There are two methods for attaching turkey wing feathers for this type of fletching.
    • A single, uncut turkey wing feather is wrapped around the arrow shaft, glued in place, and picked apart to form a bristle appearance.
    • Three to six large, uncut feathers are glued onto the arrow shaft in an offset or helical manner.
  • Flu-flu arrows do not fly very far because of the increased resistance of the oversized fletchings.
Flu-Flu fletching