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One of the most common reasons hunters miss opportunities to take an animal is because of the excitement of being close to their quarry. “Target Panic” or “Buck Fever” may cause them to forget completely the fundamentals of shooting and miss the shot.

  • Planning a shot strategy before the animal arrives increases the chance of taking game.
  • Shot strategy, which involves determining possible pick-off points and shot angles in a given hunting area, can be accomplished best through visualization and simulated practice.
    • Mentally run through all the likely routes the game animal may take and identify exactly where and when you’ll take your shot if the animal comes from the left, from the right, from behind, or in front of you.
    • Take a few practice shots, and log the distance to each spot.
  • Your shot strategy will help you concentrate on making a good hit when the moment actually arrives.

Risks of Long Shots for Bowhunters

Although the average hunter has a maximum effective range of 30 yards, most bowhunters shoot game from a much closer range. They know that the chance of wounding game increases as distance increases because:

  • It becomes more difficult to hit the vital areas.
  • The arrow may be deflected by unnoticed brush.
  • The longer the arrow is in the air, the greater the chance the animal will move.