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  1. Ask a companion to set out life-size, 3-D models of game animals in 5 to 10 spots between 5 and 50 yards from a single observation point and to measure the actual distance to each model.
  2. Stand at the observation point, and estimate the distances to the models; then compare your answers to the actual distances. The difference between your estimate and the actual distance is your score for that target. Total your score for all targets.
  3. Add up the total actual yardage to the targets, and divide your total score by the total actual yardage.
  4. Subtract the result from 100% to find the percentage you estimated correctly. Most beginners do not score above 75%. Your goal is to practice this method or use other estimation methods to increase your accuracy to more than 90%.
Distance Judging Exercise
Results of estimating distance to life-size, 3-D animals at seven different distances.
Your Estimate Actual Measure Score
36/180 = 0.20 or 20% or percentage missed; 100% - 20% = 80%
8 10 2
23 28 5
45 37 8
30 24 6
15 19 4
50 42 8
23 20 3
TOTAL 180 36
Poor Under 70%
Fair 70-80%
Good 80-90%
Excellent 90-100%