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  1. Load the muzzleloader, and use a pencil or tape to mark the ramrod temporarily so that you can identify the position at which the loads are seated correctly.
  2. Shoot a group of three shots with the initial load. Take steps to replicate hunting conditions with the firearm.
    • Allow the barrel to cool between shots.
    • To make better use of your time, use a wet cloth to speed the cooling.
    • Remove residue by wiping out the bore, cleaning the flash hole, and scraping the face of the breech plug.
  3. Shoot a reliable group with each load variation, and then review the results to confirm your preference.
    • The group should be unaffected by variables you note such as wind.
    • If you see abnormal deviations, test the round again to eliminate any variables that may have affected the shot.
  4. Increase the charge by a volume equivalent to five grains and, without changing other elements of the load, fire another three-shot group.
  5. When you identify your best hunting load, mark this on the ramrod with a permanent marker.
    • Load the rifle properly.
    • Leave the ramrod in the barrel.
    • At the muzzle, draw a line all the way around the ramrod.
  6. Always make sure the mark on the ramrod lines up with the muzzle after you load your muzzleloader.