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When it comes to successful shooting and hunting, the firearm and ammunition you select are secondary in importance only to your skill level. This is especially true in muzzleloader hunting, where the shooter is already limited by the logistics of firing.

  • Select a firearm that fits you physically. The lengths of shotguns and rifles differ, so be sure to try a number of firearms before selecting one.
    • Follow the safety rules for handling a firearm during selection.
    • Place the butt of the unloaded firearm in the bend of your elbow. Your finger should rest easily on the trigger.
    • Bring the stock to your cheek and shoulder. Your eyes should line up with the sights and target.
  • Determine what type of game you are likely to be hunting.
    • The caliber or gauge of your firearm must be legal in your state or locality for the game you hunt, so consider this before you select a firearm.
    • The wrong firearm will not give you a clean kill. A responsible hunter never takes the chance of wounding game.