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Using correct firing techniques will help you steady the firearm for the most accurate shooting. These basics are mastered only through practice. Further study will help you understand other factors that can affect your accuracy, such as wind, heat, and parallax.

Firing a muzzleloader while sitting

Shooting from a Rest: Learn to fire your muzzleloading rifle from a supported position to get used to the proper firing procedure.

  • Sit at a bench or table with the forearm of your firearm resting on a firm support, such as a sandbag, placed on the bench or table.
  • Position the butt of the firearm against your shoulder that corresponds to your master eye.
  • Resting your cheek against the comb of the stock, grasp the wrist with your trigger hand and place your index finger on the trigger.
  • Rest your non-trigger hand vertically under the butt of the stock to help steady the firearm and adjust its height. Some shooters prefer to put a small sandbag under the firearm butt and squeeze it to raise and lower the stock.
  • Practice the firing fundamentals described next by dry firing your gun. Focus on aligning your sight properly, controlling your breathing, and holding your aim.