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Hunter education strives to instill responsibility, improve skills and knowledge, and encourage the involvement of beginner and veteran hunters. Responsible, ethical behavior and personal involvement are both essential to the survival of hunting.

Three generations of hunters


How you behave and how other people see you will determine the future of hunting. To show that you are a knowledgeable, skilled student of hunting, you must behave responsibly.

  • Demonstrate courtesy, show respect for others and for wildlife, and be involved in bettering and promoting the sport.
  • Avoid poaching and careless acts.
  • Obey hunting laws, hunt fairly, practice safety rules, and wait for a clean kill before shooting.

Safety Skills

  • Gain hunting safety skills through hands-on training and practice.
  • Learn these skills from an experienced hunter wherever it’s practical.


  • Know how to handle and operate your firearm safely.
  • Learn and understand the basics of safe hunting.


To become a true, responsible hunter, get involved in efforts to make hunting a respected sport.

  • Teach others, work with landowners, and cooperate with game wardens.
  • Join conservation organizations to help preserve habitat and promote wildlife management.