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Look at Montana’s book of hunting regulations. Why do we have so many rules? Are they really necessary? Who makes them? Who enforces them?

Hunting laws are created with the leadership of hunters working with elected officials, who are responsible for making new laws. They are intended to protect and manage wildlife populations as well as to protect hunters. Before the establishment of these laws, many species were driven to near extinction. In response, hunters pushed for laws to regulate hunting and protect species in hopes they could recover their numbers and be enjoyed by future generations of hunters and nonhunters.

Laws come from legislators or citizen ballot initiatives. It takes time and effort to develop laws, so they don’t change very often. Because of this, most states and provinces grant state wildlife agencies such as FWP authority to make regulations. Regulations are based on public input and on information provided by scientists and managers. They are easier to change than laws and are better suited to the way that wildlife is managed everyday.