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The sitting position is the next steadiest shooting position, and is more suitable when in tall grass or brush.

Sitting shooting position


  • Sit solidly on the ground. The legs may be crossed or open. If you are right-handed, the body should be positioned about 30° to the right of the line of aim.
  • Place the left elbow near but not on the bony part of the left knee.
  • As in the prone position, tuck the elbow as far under the rifle as possible.
  • Place the right elbow on or near the right knee. You have now formed two triangles, which make a firm support for the rifle. Reverse the procedure if you are a left-handed shooter.
  • Hold the rifle firmly but do not grip it too tightly. Bracing your body—not your shoulder!—against something stable such as a tree or rock will help steady your aim for a more accurate shot.