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Using a tree stand or another type of elevated stand for hunting is an effective and increasingly popular way to hunt. Hunting from an elevated position has many advantages; it can improve a hunter’s field of view at the same time that it reduces the chances of being detected by game.

There are also risks, the most serious of which is the risk of falling from the stand. Most falls occur while a hunter is either climbing up or down a tree, and particularly when he or she is stepping onto or off a platform. Other mishaps occur when hunters fall out of the tree stand itself or when equipment fails.

Injuries can range from bumps and bruises to broken bones and permanent damage. Some falls even result in death. Learn proper, safe tree stand methods, and follow them every time your feet leave the ground.

Elevated tree stand

Elevated Stand Types

Commercial stands that are manufactured, certified, and tested to industry standards are best. Homemade stands should not be used.