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In addition to your firearm, ammunition, and clothing, you’ll also need a few other items in the field. Having the correct gear can make the difference between survival and death if things go wrong on your hunt. Always be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

You can pack your kit in a belt pouch or fanny pack. NEVER head into the field without it. A survival kit left behind in the hunting camp or the vehicle doesn’t do you or anyone else any good.

Carry your survival kit in a fanny pack

Below is a list of essential items that you should carry with you on every hunt:

  • Map of the area and compass. KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!
  • Large orange-colored plastic bag—useful as an emergency shelter, signaling device, or rain shelter.
  • Flashlight and spare batteries.
  • Extra food and water.
  • Extra clothing—rain and wind clothes, sweater and warm pants (NOT jeans!).
  • Sun protection—sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, long-sleeved shirt, and pants.
  • Pocketknife.
  • Waterproof matches and/or a lighter.
  • Candles and/or firestarter (you should practice starting a fire in bad weather before you go out).
  • First aid kit. (Training is necessary to develop skills for proper first aid.)
  • Plastic whistle.
  • Water filter or purification tablets.
  • Medication (if needed).
  • Drinking container.
  • Nylon cord.
  • Signal mirror.
  • Plastic tarp/space blanket.