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You are certain to have to cross many types of obstacles when you are in the field. The method of crossing is different depending on whether you are alone or with a companion.

If you are alone, follow these steps to safely cross an obstacle:

Crossing an obstacle when alone: Step 1

Step 1:
Unload your firearm and leave the action open

Crossing an obstacle when alone: Step 2

Step 2:
Carefully place your firearm on the ground under the obstacle, with the muzzle pointing in the direction away from you. Keep the muzzle and action away from mud and debris.

Crossing an obstacle when alone: Step 3

Step 3:
Cross the obstacle far enough from the firearm so that if you fall, you won’t fall on the firearm. Retrieve the firearm by approaching the firearm’s stock end, not the muzzle end.

Always unload a firearm before crossing any obstacle. Do not lean a firearm against the fence or obstacle while you are crossing it.