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Safe handling of firearms begins with four basic rules. Know these rules and follow them at all times!

  1. Always point the muzzle of your gun in a safe direction.
    Never point the gun at yourself or others, even if you are certain it isn’t loaded. Determine the safest available muzzle direction (at the ground or in the air) and keep your gun pointed in that direction.
  2. Always treat every gun as if it were loaded.
    Even if you are certain a gun is unloaded, act as if it were loaded. Even double-check yourself!
  3. Always be sure of your target and beyond.
    Never point your gun at something you do not intend to shoot. You must positively identify what you are shooting at and know what lies in front of and beyond it.
  4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
    The natural instinct when picking up a firearm is to put your finger in the trigger guard. DON’T! This could cause an accidental discharge if the gun is loaded.