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People who misuse OHVs disturb wildlife and damage resources. The noise or presence of an OHV may annoy others and negatively impact their hunt. Some private landowners and land managers may restrict motorized travel in some areas and it is your responsibility to know these restrictions.

Stay on the right path by following these OHV rules:

  • Use good judgment.
  • Know and follow all regulations and laws regarding OHV use. NOTE: OHVs used for travel on public roads in Montana must meet all vehicle lighting requirements and be properly licensed.
  • Carry firearms unloaded and cased or in a gun rack.
  • Travel only on trails designated open for the OHV type you are using.
  • Avoid damage to the land. Stay on trails!
  • Never chase or harass wildlife; it is against the law.
  • Respect other hunters. To minimize conflict with others, do not ride your OHV during prime hunting hours or in areas where others are hunting.
  • Yield the right-of-way if you encounter other hunters on foot or with pack animals. Pull to the side of the trail, turn off your engine, remove your helmet, and allow them to pass safely.
  • Keep your speed down to minimize dust and noise.
Unsafe carry of a firearm while riding an ATV
The only safe way to carry a firearm on an ATV is unloaded and cased, or on a gun rack