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Did you know that 49 states have a mandatory hunter education program? So, there are generally two steps required to get a hunting license: (1) obtain your safety certification, if your state requires it, then (2) satisfy the other license requirements and apply for your license.

Today's Hunter is the official hunter education course of many state hunting and wildlife agencies. And, students who successfully complete an approved hunter education course will receive a safety certificate or card that is often recognized by other states.

So, please check with your state agency for the specific hunting license and hunter education requirements in your state.

What Today's Hunter Students Say:

About the Course Content
"I found your site and am astounded at the fantastic animations. I plan to show it to a group of civilians for basic firearms familiarization prior to taking them to the range. Thank you for your incredible efforts."
- Assistant ICE Attaché, United States Consulate, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

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"As an engineer, I see and use a lot of websites... and I just wanted to say that your site is set up very logically and easy to use."

About Customer Service
"Thanks. I did call the office and was taken care of. Very impressed with the ease and speed!"

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