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With an adult present, practice adjusting and using the components of your FAS at ground level before hunting from an elevated stand. Also practice using the suspension relief strap.

  • Attach the FAS tree strap to the tree so that the strap is at, or above, head level when you are standing.
  • After attaching the FAS tether, adjust both the tree strap and tether so that you have no slack in the tether while seated in your stand.
Entering an elevated stand

Fasten the treestrap and the tether included on the FAS to the tree according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The treestrap and the tether should be attached so that you drop less than a foot if you fall and also so that your feet cannot drop below a level that would prevent you from climbing back on the platform.

If you should fall while in your stand:

  • Do not panic. Your FAS will hold you.
  • Signal for help.
  • Climb back onto the platform as quickly as possible.
  • Take actions to avoid suspension trauma if you must wait for rescue. If you do not have a suspension relief strap, keep moving your legs.

Discard fall-arrest systems that show signs of wear and tear, and adhere to the expiration date sewn into the FAS by the manufacturer.

Make sure you have a rescue plan. Due to the risks of injuries or death, hunters who choose not to wear and use their FAS properly should stay on the ground to hunt.