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Male turkey strutting
  1. Always follow the Primary Safety Rules for Firearm Hunting.
  2. Never wear red, white, blue, or black in the turkey woods. These colors are associated with the wild turkey and can contribute to victim-mistaken-for-game incidents. Dress defensively and remember that partial or improper camouflage in the turkey woods can be just as dangerous as red, white, blue, or black. Always wear hunter orange when moving for any reason in the turkey woods. Remember the majority of all turkey hunting incidents occur when hunters are moving.
  3. Never use a gobble call during the hunt. A gobble call may draw other hunters into your area and lead to a dangerous encounter.
  4. Call from a position where you are protected from the back. Keep your back against a rock pile, stump, or tree trunk wider than your shoulders and higher than your head.
  5. Never try to sneak up on wild turkeys, drive wild turkeys toward another hunter, or cut between a caller and a turkey. Always call the turkey to you. The less moving you do, the safer and more effective you’ll be.
  6. Never shoot at sound or movement. Assume every sound you hear and every color or movement you see is another hunter, not a turkey. Always be absolutely sure that the bird you think you see has a beard. This is the ONLY positive means of identifying a legal bird under all conditions. Without confirmation of a beard, what you see may be another hunter.