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Sighting-in is the process of adjusting the sights to hit a target at a specific distance. When using sights or scopes on rifles or handguns, you see the sights and the target in a straight line. However, the trajectory of a bullet is not a straight line.

Typical bullet trajectory

All rifles should be sighted-in before every hunt using the ammunition you plan to use. In addition to improving accuracy, sighting-in forces you to practice, helps determine potential problems with technique, helps ensure your equipment works properly, and builds confidence.

Bore Sighting With a Rifle

Bore sighting will normally only help ensure you are somewhere on the paper of a good-sized target at 25 yards, not sighted-in to hit targets at further distances. Starting your zeroing at further distances may not even strike the paper, wasting ammunition, time, and money. It is better to start zeroing at 10 to 15 yards with three rounds to ensure you are on the paper and make major adjustments to get to the target’s center before moving to longer distances.