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Use a bore or collimator sight-in initially to line up the rifle on a paper target at 25 yards.

Fire your rifle from a solid bench rest with your forearm resting on a pad or a sandbag. Note: Resting the gun on its barrel may cause it to shoot higher than normal.

Use a sight-in target to adjust your sights
  • The basic steps involve firing at least three shots carefully and consistently at a target. Continue firing three-shot groups until the bullets form a relatively small group of holes on the target.
  • If the small group of holes is not where you were aiming, the sights will have to be adjusted. The rear sight is moved in the same direction you want your shot to move on the target. If the front sight is adjustable, move it in the opposite direction you want the bullet to move. Moving shots from side to side is “adjusting for windage.” Moving shots up or down is “adjusting for elevation.”
Screw adjustment on a rifle