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Knowing your firearm’s "maximum projectile range" is critical to being a safe and responsible hunter. The maximum projectile range tells you at what distances your firearm’s projectile could cause injury or damage to persons, animals, or objects. When hunting, knowing the firearm’s "maximum effective range" and your "maximum individual range" lets you immediately assess when your shot will give a clean kill. The maximum effective range is the distance from which the average person can expect to hit a target with practice. The maximum individual range is the distance from which you have actually practiced shooting a target and have continually hit the target with a good grouping or pattern. At your maximum individual range, you can expect to deliver an effective shot for a quick, clean kill. For most hunters, the maximum effective range and maximum individual range are usually far less than the maximum projectile range. Learning to estimate distances and knowing your firearm’s projectile range and your individual range are important parts of hunting.

Understanding Ballistics

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