It’s our favorite time of the year. No disrespect to the spring and summer months, but just the thought of fall is what gets us up in the early hours of morning. Although hunting season opening dates vary widely across the states and by species, the hunting community is bursting — or should we say Tweeting — with excitement. We’re already seeing hero shots that we love. Take a look at what the Twitter-verse is saying about this year’s hunting seasons.

The Anticipation

Are you one of those people who wishes hunting season was year-round? If so, you’ve been counting down the days since last year’s season ended — and we don’t blame you! Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one suffering.
It’s about finding yourself.
The ladies are in.
The dogs are in, too.
NASCAR racing professional, Brian Scott, is in a hurry to get to it.
Ready to Hunt is well, you know, always ready to hunt.
Even the freezer is ready!

The Education

If you haven’t completed your hunter safety education course, your anticipation will lead to nothing but frustration as you sit out for another year. Take a look at what current students are saying about their hunter safety education course. Don’t let these hunters have all the fun!
In great company.

Tsk, tsk, no bribes.
Cues Jeopardy theme music.
A father’s pride.
A new class of safe hunters.
A great recommendation.

The Preparation

If practice makes perfect, then there are plenty of hunters gearing up for the upcoming seasons. From the game that trail cameras have picked up, to sharpening your shooting techniques, preparing for the hunt is just as important — and can be as fun — as being out in the field.
Country music and football unite.
Like father, like daughter.
Game of Thrones.’
Grabbing the right gear.
Scoping it out.
Alternative pillow uses.*
(*Reminder: Never rest your barrel on a support, only the stock, to avoid affecting accuracy.)

The Results

Hunting season is great for the memories, but it’s even better if it includes hauling in meat for your freezer or a trophy for your wall. Check out what these hunters have already harvested this season.
Dove season success.
Bringing home the buck.
Teal tricked by a misleading sign.
A New Mexico mega-muley takedown.
From the field to the stream.
A season of firsts.
Tapped out.

The Almost There…

These Tweeters need a new definition of hunting season.
We think she meant “buck.”
Unfortunately, our course does not cover Nerf guns.
If you know someone who needs their hunting safety certificate or needs a refresher to brush up on their skills, send them to their state page at If you see a funny Tweet or other social media post about hunting season, Tweet it to us at @Hunter_ed!