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All big game taken must be immediately tagged using the instructions on the back of the valid permit-tag and the rules specified in Commission Rule R12-4-302, Use of Tags.

The tag should be applied so that it cannot be removed or reused and all printing on the face of the tag is visible.

  • For a deer, elk, or antelope, seal the tag around the antler or horn, or through the gambrel of a hind leg.
  • For a javelina, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, buffalo, or bear, seal the tag through the gambrel of a hind leg.
  • For a turkey, sandhill crane, or pheasant, seal the tag around the neck or a leg.

Gifting and Sharing

You may make a gift of the carcass or parts of your lawfully obtained wildlife. You also may have it prepared in a public eating place and served to yourself and your guests.