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ATVs are special-purpose vehicles that require careful, responsible handling and good judgment.

  • They’re useful for traveling into back country, but they can damage the environment if used recklessly. It also requires training and practice to handle them safely in rough terrain.
  • Studies show that the majority of ATV accidents occur when the rider unexpectedly encounters an obstacle, such as a rock or a ditch. Maintaining a safe speed is critical.
  • If you use ATVs to hunt, prepare yourself and your family by attending an approved ATV course.
  • Before hunting with ATVs on private land, be sure to get the landowner’s permission.
  • Always follow the rules for safe and ethical operation:
    • Wear a helmet.
    • Carry firearms unloaded, cased, and on a proper gun rack.
    • When using the plastic scabbard mounted on an ATV, clear the inside of the scabbard of debris, and check your firearm’s muzzle for obstructions.
    • Stay on the main roads and trails.
    • Pick your route carefully to minimize terrain damage.
    • Don’t shoot from an ATV.
    • Use ATVs only to get to the hunting area or to haul an animal from the woods.