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Most hunters do hunt legally. Most hunters make every attempt to learn and follow the hunting regulations. Unfortunately, there are people who call themselves “hunters” who ruin real hunters’ reputations by:

  • Violating hunting regulations
  • Behaving irresponsibly with firearms
  • Damaging habitat with off-road vehicles
  • Leaving dead animals or gut piles where they are visible to others

To change public attitudes about hunters and retain hunting for future generations, we will need to eliminate the “offenders” who call themselves hunters.

  • The greatest danger to our hunting heritage is not the small percentage of anti-hunters but the public’s belief that most hunters belong in the “offender” category.
  • One of the best ways to reduce the number of irresponsible hunters is through hunter education. By completing this course you are taking a big step to becoming a responsible hunter.

The responsible hunter is a legal hunter and an ethical hunter.

  • To hunt legally, a hunter must learn and obey the hunting regulations that protect the wildlife resource. When you hunt, you may see someone violate hunting laws or regulations. You may also make a mistake yourself.
  • It is the responsibility of an ethical hunter to report any infraction that he or she observes, including his or her own. The penalty for violations that are self reported are often less than they would be if the person tried to hide the violation and was later discovered by authorities.
  • Hunters who report errors will have peace of mind that they are honest and acted responsibly, even if no one observed their violation.