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State agencies such as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game use laws and regulations that can be understood and obeyed to manage wildlife and those who hunt.

Unregulated hunting leads to killing too many animals and possibly even the extinction of an entire species.

Wildlife laws are passed by the Alaska State Legislature. The Board of Game approves regulations that include open seasons, bag limits, and harvest methods. These laws and regulations are intended to protect and conserve Alaska’s wildlife resources and provide as many hunters as possible with the opportunity to hunt.

You should know how wildlife laws and regulations are made in Alaska—as well as how you can take part in that process. These laws allow game to flourish by:

  • Establishing hunting seasons that limit harvesting and avoid nesting and mating seasons.
  • Limiting hunting methods and equipment.
  • Setting “bag” limits on the number of animals that can be taken.
  • Establishing check stations and game tag requirements to enforce the laws.