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Hello, hunter! Alaska's online muzzleloader hunter course has moved. Click here to go to the latest version of the Today's Muzzleloader Hunter in Alaska course—the official muzzleloader safety course of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The following course material is for reference only. Please go to the new course to complete your Alaska Muzzleloader certification.

Official Alaska Online Muzzleloader Certification Course

Welcome to the official site for Alaska’s Muzzleloader Certification Course approved by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. To receive a certification card from Alaska you must complete two parts.

  1. Earn your Field Day Qualifier Certificate by completing the online course and passing the online exam. The Field Day Qualifier Certificate will be valid for one year and is required to sign up for a Field Day in Alaska.
  2. Attend a Field Day within one year. After successfully completing the Field Day (which includes a shooting proficiency), you will be awarded an Alaskan Muzzleloader Certification Card good for life.

All “Muzzleloader Only” hunts in Alaska require the hunter to be Muzzleloader Certified. However, to apply for a “Muzzleloader Only” drawing permit hunt, you may enter your Field Day Qualifier Examination number on the permit application. If you are successful and are drawn for the hunt, you MUST complete the Field Day portion in Alaska to obtain the permit. If you fail the shooting proficiency, you will not be awarded the permit or a certification card.

It's simple! Simple and self-paced—This online muzzleloader hunter certification class is user-friendly and self-directed. Study as much as you need to know, as slowly or quickly as you like to learn!
It's official! When you're ready, take the official Field Day Qualifier Exam for only $30. Upon passing, you can print out your official Alaska Field Day Qualifier Certificate, which grants you admission to a Field Day.

Today's Muzzleloader Hunter Muzzleloader shooting can be a satisfying way to enjoy a nostalgic shooting experience. Shooting a muzzleloader is different in many ways from shooting with conventional modern firearms. Although it is not essential to be an experienced hunter or shooter, the scope of this material assumes that the reader does have some experience with firearms.
Experienced or not, the information in this manual can help you enjoy muzzleloader hunting more safely. The chapters are organized by topic, and objectives tell you what you should know by the end of the chapter.

What’s Included in This Course

  • Learning objectives to focus your attention on the information that will help you:
    • Apply critical safety principles to muzzleloader shooting.
    • Improve your shooting and hunting skills.
    • Shoot and hunt more safely.
    • Make ethical choices when hunting.
  • Colorful illustrations to help you:
    • Quickly learn the material and understand more complex concepts.
    • Better identify key parts on your muzzleloader.
    • Identify vital areas of game and understand the importance of shot placement.
    • See important details in shooting posture that improve accuracy.
  • Detailed chapter reviews to:
    • Reinforce your learning.
    • Prepare you to perform well on the Certification Exam.
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