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Texas Parks & Wildlife Information

Operation Game Thief
Texas Wildlife Crimestoppers Program

You can make a difference by reporting illegal hunting and fishing activity! Up to $1,000 may be paid for information leading to arrest and conviction of poachers.

Operation Game ThiefSteps for Reporting Poachers

  1. Gather information completely and quickly.
    1. License plate number and vehicle description
    2. Number of poachers
    3. Identification of each poacher
    4. Time, date, location
    5. Number of shots taken
    6. Weather conditions
  2. Stay safe—do not approach poachers or put your life in danger.
  3. Telephone 1-800-792-GAME, night or day. Call as soon as you can after seeing an offense.

Support anti-poaching efforts by becoming a member of the Operation Game Thief Program (call 512-389-4381 for membership information) or by sending your tax-deductible donation to Operation Game Thief, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, Texas 78744.

Don't get tagged!Don't Get Tagged!

  • Make sure you use the correct tag when you kill a deer or turkey, or retain an oversized red drum.
  • Make sure you immediately cut out the month and day on the proper license tag.
  • Attach proper tag immediately upon killing a deer or turkey, or retaining oversized red drum. The tag must remain attached to the game or fish until it reaches its final destination and is finally processed.
  • Immediately upon killing a white-tailed deer, complete the White-Tailed Deer Log on the back of your hunting license.

Read more on the Texas Parks & Wildlife web page regarding tagging violations.


Choose YOUR behavior

Positive influence

or, your behavior can . . .

Negative influence

Texas Parks and
Wildlife Department
White-tailed deer tracks
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